Bernie and Laura Maloney

Before we met you, we were working in the high tech field in Silicon Valley. We had set intentions only a few weeks before to find an investment strategy we could use...

I was able to follow your outline of the strategy and felt that it was very, very achievable. From the math, I recognized that a 1% / month yield was easily achievable, and that 2% was equally achievable. That brought the strategy into the range of the hurdle rate I’d had in mind for new investments. The big questions for me were was Laura also ready and would she be willing to take action.

I have to admit I had a big ‘gulp’ when Laura did stand up and respond to the offer you made in the seminar. I knew it was going to take regular attention and that I would probably be the one operating the strategy. Your promises of an in-town live seminar & inclusion of an investing partner / spouse into the account helped bridge my concerns that we would be able to give enough attention to the strategy for it to work for us.

...As soon as we were set up, I got online to start working with the coaches…..Coaches went through each step in the trading process so that it became very straightforward. My experience in the paper trading gave me confidence that, especially given the coaching, I’d be able to execute the strategy. It was simply going to be a matter of paying it regular attention, and getting online for the coaching.

My confidence in the strategy grew with each month of experience. We’ve had patience and trust in the strategy, even when we’ve had the stocks fall below our breakeven. That trust has been rewarded, for one instance with a stock that went down about 10% in the first month, but by sticking with the strategy over a period of more than a year, wound up with a 7.8% annualized ROI – much, much better than bank interest!

While our work hasn’t changed from when we met you, we have added funds to our non-retirement trading. More, we can see how sticking with your education and the covered call strategy will help us build wealth now, and through it, have an independent stream of income in the future.


Mathew B. James PHD

“Having worked in the field of personal growth for over 30 years, and having personally taught ten’s of thousands of people how to reach their goals, I can say with 100% certainty, you are only able to measure your goals based on your results. If you want to get healthy you need to measure weight, endurance, etc. If you want to become financially independent, your bank statement is a great measurement of results!

So many people talk about empowerment and dream of achieving the best, yet few are able to deliver. When I began to teach, I made a commitment to live what I teach and demonstrate excellence. In other words, I decided to walk my talk! I began to work with George in 2012 and I made my decision based on seeing his commitment to excellence and results. Of everyone that I have met in this field, he is clearly an example of excellence and most importantly, he walks his talk.

Prior to working with George, I had been very successful in real estate. However, because that has become so uncertain in the U.S., I was looking for something to do with my investments. (Not to mention, my retirement plan had been dropping like a rock for the past five years!)

Initially I was very conservative, because I like to measure results before going all in. Well, it took only a couple of weeks to see the results and wow! So in the spirit of being transparent and open, let me tell you my results: In the eight months I have worked with George, I have averaged 3.1% a month for a total of 25% in 2012. That means if I had initially invested $100,000, I would have made $25,000 in the final 8 months of this year!! I cannot invest enough into my account fast enough!

My wife and I now have our retirement under the Fokas Beyond strategy. My children’s college funds are now in too. And here is the kicker; my parent’s retirement is utilizing Fokas Beyond. In other words, my family is all in!

That should speak for itself! And, here is the icing, George is not only a guide to me for investing, he is has become a great friend. He is the only speaker that I allow to get up on my stage and promote a product or service that is not from my company.

I say this from my heart; stop your procrastination and get results. This is your future we are talking about, and if you want results and excellence, you have come to the right place. I only see two choices: Become a part of the Fokas Beyond family, or regret it later and take my workshop to release the sadness….”

Now there are risks. It is important to understand what they are before we invest. Nothing in life is risk free. Let me explain what the risks are of this strategy:
  1. You buy a stock, Google and you put $10,000 on the stock and Google goes bankrupt. You have lost your $10,000. That is your worst case scenario.
  2. You buy a stock, Yahoo and you put $10,000 on the stock. Your plan was to hold the stock for the long term as you believe stocks go up in value over time. However, you implement this strategy and you receive $500 in income right away. You can then say the cost on the stock was only $9,500. If, in the first month, the stock dropped to a value of $8,000. Your paper loss (only a loss if you sell it) on this stock would be $1,500. However, as your plan was to hold for the long term, this strategy has actually reduced this paper loss by $500. It would have been $2,000 without the strategy. You will continue to use the strategy and each month create $500 of income. If the stock never recovers and stays at $8,000 it only takes three more months before your paper losses are covered. As explained, this strategy can generate income every month and the income at some point will over power the capital loss on paper and then turn this losing stock into a profitable stock for you. It can be seen the strategy adds no additional risk to the stock purchase.
  3. You buy a stock, Tiffany and Co and you put your $10,000 on the stock and you implement this strategy and you have received $400 in income for the month. You also bought stock Protection (hedging) for $100 to protect 94% of your capital. Now, your money is protected for the month and no more than 6% of the stock capital is at risk. Lets say Tiffany and Co drops in the month to $5.00 from $80.00, no more than 6% or $600 is at risk on your $10,000 capital. You will get back in your account at the end of the month, $9,400. Even if the stock went to zero, you money is protected. In summary, you received $400 upfront and used $100 to protect your capital. You used other peoples money and none of your own to protect your money only risking a fraction of the capital that could have been all at risk.
  4. You buy a Stock, IBM and you put $10,000 on the stock. This stock would cost you $182 each. You used the strategy and receive $300 upfront. The stock goes to $190 each at the end of the month. However, we only receive $185 per share which is the amount we said we would sell at when we took our income upfront. This means we made a gain of $3 per share and pocketed the $300 upfront. Which is a good result! We have made a gain on our investment and made upfront income. The remaining gain of $5 per stock is the opportunity cost of taking the income upfront. The buyer of our Contract takes the extra $5 per stock in capital gain.
  5. Our highly skilled mentoring team who will coach you, are there willing to answer all your trading and investing questions and also to guide you on starting you educational journey.
Fokas Beyond accepts payment plans for all our Educational courses. It is a better way for people to get involved quickly and to help them build their knowledge sooner. For full Terms and Conditions with regards to the payment structure, please read our Terms and Conditions on our website.
You can start investing as soon as you open a trading account with your preferred broker or even with one of our listed brokers we use. At Fokas Beyond, we use an Australian based broker, that’s International. IMPORTANT, our members are required to set up a paper trading account prior to opening a live account. Our recommended broker offers this service, as do most other online brokers.
George Fokas has been an active investor on the markets since 1999 trading strategies such as Options, Forex, Commodities, Eminis and Futures. Over the last 16 years George has been investing heavily with Covered Calls and since 2005 has been presenting this strategy around the world. He has become recognised for his honest approach, his integrity and his simple way of teaching others how to duplicate his methods. George Fokas explains his strategies in a way that is easy to understand. George and Fokas Beyond don’t use confusing jargon, it is broken down into concepts that everyone can grasp.
 Fokas Beyond prides and measures itself on the quality of its education and the strength of its mentoring service.
The Fokas Beyond education packages are an investment in your financial future. The confidence our education can give you in trading and investing is what is valuable. For up to date information on the investment for the education, please either contact us directly to tailor a package that can be suitable for you.
People with no experience generally learn quicker and easier than people who have traded and invested in the past. This is due to them bringing their old knowledge and bad experiences with them. We have found someone with no experience progresses further in the shorter period. We have trained the likes of police officers, accountants, housewives, financial planners and doctors to teenagers and retirees. The Fokas Beyond Covered Calls Education has been designed with beginners in mind, but you must be willing to invest the time to understand and apply the strategy for it to work for you.
Options were actually created to reduce the risk of owning stocks or shares! In fact, if you have ever owned shares, you have taken more risk than the strategies George outlines in his course. Trading options is risky however creating the options for the traders to trade gives you income. This income reduces the cost of the stock therefore reducing its risk. 
People who say options are too risky usually don’t understand them. Your greatest protection against losing money while investing is simply knowledge! This is what you will discover with the Fokas Beyond Covered Call Education.
One of the keys to the Fokas Beyond Covered Call Income strategy is Cashflow. We are investing in the writing of Covered calls along with Risk and Money Management rules in place. We suggest that a minimum bank of $5,000 be set up once you are ready to invest with real money. You can start with less however we have found in the past that $5,000 is a good start up Capital to enter the markets. We teach you to invest conservatively. The more money that is invested the more income that can be earned. When there is more capital in the market, there is more risk as well. That is your choice. Investing on the financial markets is a learning curve and does involve the risk of losses. In your first year of trading, you should focus on earning and learning at the same time. While you are learning, it is not wise to engage more money than you could afford to lose – because the reality is that you might make some mistakes along the way. After a year of experience, you should have enough knowledge and confidence, and then you can be the judge of how much money you wish to place into the market.
At Fokas Beyond, George Fokas and his team is totally committed to ensuring that everyone in the course not only understands the content of the course, but has the confidence to start investing and trading. We have structured our courses so that our flagship course, Fokas Beyond Covered Calls, concentrates on only one strategy, which is designed to produce additional income from the stock market. The Fokas Beyond Analysis is easy to grasp even for beginner investors on the stock market. In addition to this, the key to our success is the personal one on one mentoring offered to each and every student to ensure they are guided every step of the way with a plan in place to make each student accountable for their actions, goals and plans.
Fokas Beyond uses a recommended Australian broker, who have an online platform that requires no monthly subscriptions or expensive software.
At Fokas Beyond, we have combined experience of over 20 years in the stock market that allows us to personally guide each student to achieve the results that we achieve providing confidence and sound knowledge so that you are comfortable to associate yourself with Fokas Beyond and the team.

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